Nice, January 19, 2-6pm
With Pierre Akrich, Karima El Karmoudi, Thomas Geiger, Ann Guillaume, Rémi Groussin, Claire Migraine and Justin Sanchez.
Invited by Thank You For Coming Kunsthalle3000 comes to Nice to reopen the Jetée-Promenade Palace on under the name Casino3000 for a stealthy and unique open-air casino experience. Come join us and try your luck! Taking place around the old Jetée-Promenade Casino, Kunsthalle3000 is activated in collaboration with local artists, who are invited to design performances and temporary interventions for this space where anything can happen … In 1883, under the leadership of the Marquis d’Espouy of Saint-Paul and with the support of the city of Nice, a casino directly inspired by London’s Crystal Palace is inaugurated. Immediately ravaged by a fire, the casino is then rebuilt in 1891 during the “Belle Époque”. Situated in the centre of the Baie des Anges, a pier advancing into the sea provides exceptional views and entertainment for nearly 50 years. During the Second World War, the casino is stripped of its brass, bronze, statues, silverware, electrical wiring and any other metals likely to serve the German war effort. A few years later, the casino ceases activity and is dismantled. The pier and platform with its salons, orchestra halls, theatre, games rooms, restaurants and even indoor baths are abandoned to their watery cemetery. Today, almost no trace of the presence of this glory of yesteryear exists. You could almost ignore the Palace of the Pier’s existence if it were not for the old postcards that still testify to its sumptuous past. Near its former location stands a metal structure isolated from its environment, place of assembly and activation of Casino3000.


Kunsthalle3000 is an institution as intervention by artist Thomas Geiger that seeks to transform the unused potentials of the public realm into new situations. The work is not based on the notions of individuality but include other artists as to become part of a common, public sculpture. The term Kunsthalle is used in German-speaking countries for a special kind of municipal museum, the historical aim of which was to make art accessible to all people. “Eine Kunsthalle für alle” [A Kunsthalle for all], was a phrase that marked the beginning of the Kunsthalle tradition with the statutes of Kunsthalle Mannheim in 1909. Kunsthalle3000 follows this principle by literally declaring specific spots within public space as Kunsthalle to create an intensive, yet temporary locale for performance, discussion, confrontation and interchange. To date, it has been located in Vienna, Johannesburg, Geneva, Beirut and Paris.


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