January 12–February 1, 2018
rue du Faubourg du Temple / République
With: Camille Tsvetoukhine, Céline Ahond, Emilie Pitoiset, Exposer Publier, Hélène Deléan and Rafaela Lopez. Ceci n'est pas un habitat
In January, Kunsthalle3000 will open its doors in front of a window of a habitat store at Place de la République. By affixing graffiti and posters, the window has lost its original function of exposing. Instead, a new “wall” has emerged that turned the recess of the window into a niche for homeless people. As a reaction, so-called “Anti-Homeless” elements were installed to prevent people them from lying down. This scene can be considered a collision of personal, private and public concerns, expectations and needs.


Kunsthalle3000 is an institution as intervention engaging directly with public space. The term Kunsthalle is used in German-speaking countries for a special kind of municipal museum, the historical aim of which was to make art accessible to all people. Kunsthalle3000 follows this principle by literally declaring specific spots within public space as Kunsthalle - where artists join forces to create an intensive, yet temporary locale for performance, discussion, confrontation and interchange.
Kunsthalle3000 is a project by Thomas Geiger. To date, it has been located in Vienna, Johannesburg, Geneva and Beirut.


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