A fragment of your public space

Kunstverein Langenhagen, August 2018–2019
What happens if Kunsthalle3000 gets invited by an institution? Noor Mertens of Kunstverein Langenhagen initiated a one-year collaboration that can be considered a field for experiments to extend the role, place and function of an institution. As an intervention within the institution Kunsthalle3000 will create situations located on the gap between institutional/private and public space.

As of February 20
A place for urgent needs

As a (symbolic) respond to the lack and vanishing of public toilets, Kunsthalle3000 will turn a toilet inside Kunstverein Langenhagen into a free and unisex public toilet. A sign on the outside wall announces this new service of the Kunstverein and provides a place for those who need one. In the exhibition space can be found a small sculpture entitled “A corner for relief” which can be seen as the counterpart to the new public toilet: an imprint of Langenhagen’s most popular peeing-corner. 

October 16–25

Originally used as a bowling alley, Kunsthalle3000 transforms the premises of the Kunstverein Langenhagen back into a bowling alley. Come on over to bowling! Participation is free.

August 16–ongoing
Sergio Rojas Chaves: Plants in Residence

Costa Rican artist Sergio Rojas Chaves is strongly convinced that houseplants have an essential, yet hidden role in the lives of their owners. For Plants in Residency, he invites the audience to take a plant on a walk to the Kunstverein. Once arrived, the plants will become Plants in Residence, thus creating a botanical, and growing portrait of the city and its inhabitants. The art institution and its staff will be responsible for the plant's well-being. The residency lasts as long as the plants like their temporary home.

Freiraum für Gedanken und Bauwerke

During the summer project Freiraum für Gedanken und Bauwerke at Kunstverein Langenhagen, Kunsthalle3000 offered its materials to the various workshops that were all based on architecture and constructing: E.g. reinaard vanhoe and Enric Fort Ballester exchanged some of the reds bricks on the sidewalk in front of Kunstverein Langenhagen with the grey bricks of Kunsthalle3000.

Since July
A fragment of your public space

End of July Kunsthalle3000 appeared for the first time at Kunstverein Langenhagen: 77 bricks have been placed inside the exhibition space. The amount and shape are based on Kunsthalle3000-Johannesburg, which took place in a field marked by missing bricks. These bricks are staying as “a fragment of your public space” for the entire year and will transform their shape, function and meaning during this time.


Kunsthalle3000 is an institution as intervention by artist Thomas Geiger that seeks to transform the unused potentials of the public realm into new situations. The work is not based on the notions of individuality but include other artists as to become part of a common, public sculpture. The term Kunsthalle is used in German-speaking countries for a special kind of municipal museum, the historical aim of which was to make art accessible to all people. “Eine Kunsthalle für alle” [A Kunsthalle for all], was a phrase that marked the beginning of the Kunsthalle tradition with the statutes of Kunsthalle Mannheim in 1909. Kunsthalle3000 follows this principle by literally declaring specific spots within public space as Kunsthalle to create an intensive, yet temporary locale for performance, discussion, confrontation and interchange. To date, it has been located in Vienna, Johannesburg, Geneva, Beirut and Paris.


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